Green Service Europe offers total solutions for local waste flows

Green Service Europe constructs customised biogas installations on all kinds of waste streams (vegetables, manure, ...)

About us

Fermentation of the waste materials such as manure, vegetable waste, sludge or other flows results in the production of biogas that is converted into green power and heat by a CHP. Besides generating sustainable energy from your waste, Green Service Europe can convert the waste into all kinds of valuable output streams. On the one hand, the waste can be sanitized in the digester itself by means of thermophilic digestion resulting in an exportable product, on the other hand Green Service Europe takes care of further upgrading of the digestate or waste (separation, water production, ...). All forms of industrial or agricultural waste (water), fermented or otherwise, can be converted into discharge water or reused as process water.

In this way, we want to contribute to a circular economy in which we give waste flows a second life through the production of renewable energy. In consultation with the customer, Green Service Europe carefully analyses and elaborates the project in order to meet all the necessary requirements.

In contrast to the fact that for many companies waste means an end point and cost in the series, Green Service Europe strives for maximum valorisation of waste to transform the current linear form of a company into a more circular form.


Experts Waste And Water Management

Why choose an installation of Green Service Europe?

Easy to use ability

The system of Green Service Europe excels in its robustness, simplicity, broad applicability, automation and easy-to-use ability. The installations are built to industrial standards.

High quality materials

Green Service Europe uses high-qualitative materials and always provide you with the best (new) technologies for your specific case or problem

Customer support

A fair and correct customer-supplier relationship is of paramount importance and therefore, Green Service Europe ensures a 24/7 after-sale service

Waste Hygienisation

The digestion of the waste can occur under thermophilic conditions and, as a consequence, the digestate is hygienised and exportable

Experts waste and water management

Experts in waste and water management can assist you with solutions for post-treatment of digestate or other industrial and agricultural waste flows

Laboratory Facilities

Green Service Europe is equipped with its own laboratory to measure the most important parameters of your waste (water) and to ensure a perfect follow-up and supervision of your project

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